Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nina with Animal Textures

Drawing for animal anatomy in 2008. done completely with a graphite stick and a few graphite pencils.


The Totem

3rd image minipulation project from 2 years ago. The recreation of a spirit guide known as an animal totem.


The Dark Compilation

My second attempt at photoshop about 2 years ago for image minipulation.
The image depicts several young women in a state of sadness and beauty.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Mia Cordero's Car

A car concept For ''Mia Cordero'' One of my characters from ''Sideville''

Car design from nothing

Random parts to create a ''car''

Random Construction

Using machine parts to create a car.

Alien character

Alien creature huntress

The Monster

Creation of a monster fusing 3 animals. A possible Sideville monster?

The Phantom

A phantom story idea later down the road

The Fairy Elf

Another character for a possible future story idea


4 Faces and combine features i liked to create a whole new character

Finals for character and object design

Evil sunflower this as well as the 9 other characters were all concived with digital ink and paint.


''Selena'' an outsider art project from june

Finished with digital paint. I created this for a young woman i care for deeply. the next time i see her in my dreams i'll have to show it to her!

Final project for Motion Graphics '' my selena'' promo piece

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

norm and the splash of water/bad day

2d animation class.

the LHP logo photoshop document done for an art history class.

The idea behind this is a logo for a group that exists in our society. A place where no one ever has feel alone

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Destiny Found

typograhy class assignment using my first and last name and the concept of using black text on a white background as how the ''Lost'' logo appeared in the season 5 finale.
font- Made up- (Anin) 46 pt

Norm's problem

Final for 2d animation class

norm tries to steal a clock but fails in this animation for 2d Animation class.

Photography skills...

a sky shot using a canson 6pix digital camera when i returned to San Diego summer of 09'.

She really liked this one! a drawing for a friend using graphite pencils

i made this drawing for a young woman i know. it is about 8'' x 5'' and took me 3 days to finish.

A beautiful butterfly for animal anatomy

i really enjoyed making this. i love animals and i love butterflies. this project was designed with grahpite pencils and a graphite stick. it's 11 x 14 and over a year old.

Nina as the millenium Mona Lisa

i used my friend nina and placed her in a famous pose perfected by leonardo de vinci's mona lisa. I used grahpite pencils and some photoshop to clean it up a little.


Apart of the experiment. this art piece was done for an art history class. It goes with the whole album senario of the fictonal band,the nore cordova experiment and symbolisim of my story idea ''Sideville''.

One of my favorite drawings done in clothed figure drawing.

An alternate reality portrait... i used my friend nina and placed her in 1952 california.

Monday, January 11, 2010