Friday, September 24, 2010

Mia Cordero's Car

A car concept For ''Mia Cordero'' One of my characters from ''Sideville''

Car design from nothing

Random parts to create a ''car''

Random Construction

Using machine parts to create a car.

Alien character

Alien creature huntress

The Monster

Creation of a monster fusing 3 animals. A possible Sideville monster?

The Phantom

A phantom story idea later down the road

The Fairy Elf

Another character for a possible future story idea


4 Faces and combine features i liked to create a whole new character

Finals for character and object design

Evil sunflower this as well as the 9 other characters were all concived with digital ink and paint.


''Selena'' an outsider art project from june

Finished with digital paint. I created this for a young woman i care for deeply. the next time i see her in my dreams i'll have to show it to her!

Final project for Motion Graphics '' my selena'' promo piece